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5.11 Tactical

5.11 Tactical Taclite Plate Carrier Vest


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Product Sizing Chart

Despatched in 7-10 days

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24 July 2018

This is an excellent product, I already have the 5.11 Tactical TacTec Plate Carry, which I enjoy using for training and protection purposes, however for airsoft I found it was too much weight and obstructed my mobility during long games. When I invested in this 5.11 Tactical Taclite Plate Carry version I loved this as much as the TacTec. There is no question of which one is better, it all depends on what your intentions are for, as for training in the gym and endurance competitions I will use the TacTec, but for airsoft and more tactical competitions I shall use this Taclite. Both products, Tactec and Taclite offer the same level of protection, differences are only in mobility, fastening adjustments and range of molles, as fun as it is to attach accessories I found it too much in airsofting as I wanted to go for speed & a lighter feel, yet I'm still offered the same level protected with the Taclite from BBs. The plate fittings are also exactly the same between the TacTec & Taclite so I only had to purchase x1 set of plates and simply move them between each vest as I could freely choose which one I felt like using on the day & both vests have an grab handle on the back. Some photos show the back of the Taclite to be one smooth durable material, some show a velcro strip in the middle... I can't say if every store offers this as I have seen the Taclite in person before in an official 5.11 store in Hong Kong which DID NOT have the velcro strip, however when I purchased this from Nightgear it came with the velcro strip which was a nice & welcomed surprise to put some fun velcro patches on. Some may say I'm a bit OTT having x2 5.11 tactical vests of the same design, original & lite, but I have no regrets... the Taclite is fantastic, and easy to conceal, as you can't wear body armour casually in most countries, this can be mistaken for a normal sweater vest for civilian clothing as it is light and thin enough to blend in if you know how to dress it right.