Bag Accessories

You can have the most durable and resilient backpack or rucksack currently available with fabrics that will take the rigours of combat and tough terrain or for Police tactics but as soon as the there’s a heavy downpour or sodden ground the moisture will seep in and not only add weight to your kit but make it damp as well. So to help prevent this; the range of Bag Accessories here at from brands like the popular Snugpak include the Aquacover Backpack and Rucksack Accessories which are a handy waterproof cover that can be easily applied to a specific pack size depending on the one you need to make the area exposed to the elements safe from moisture. These Bag Accessories are also available in a range of colours, camo patterns and even Hi Vis so you can easily match it to the rest of your kit which is handy for concealment if you're a Hunter or an avid Airsoft player and they are at affordable cheap prices too.