Berghaus Military Bags

In the late 1960's the distinctive lack of quality functional outdoor gear was apparent so the originally named LD Mountain Centre, now re-named Berghaus Military set to and brought high quality gear to the market. A few years later, they began creating their own Berghaus outdoor gear that met the demands and requirements of climbers across the globe. Over the decades since Berghaus Military has expanded into incorporating technologies like GORE-TEX and Yeti Gaiters into their designs to achieve some of the most functional and climate protective gear available in the tactical and outdoor markets. In more recent years Berghaus Military have started producing expedition level gear for exploring the toughest environments on earth so overall you can rely on their Berghaus Military clothing, rucksacks and accessories if your travels take you anywhere from a day hiking trip to a full expedition or even into a combat environment if you are serving armed forces personnel.