BioLite Cooking Systems

Simply innovation is the best way to describe the range of stoves and accessories from BioLite which cleverly use fire to generate a thermoelectric generator which results in more efficient heat to cook food and boil water but also electricity to power certain USB devices like mobile phones. The Biolite Stove efficiently burns from small foliage like sticks, twigs and pinecones making it easier to find the fuel you need and with an internal fan better controlling the flames and heat output you get more out of what little it requires. The Biolite Accessories like the Biolite Cooking System allow you to cook food besides just boiling water so whether you are out camping or survival training everything you need to cook sustenance is in a handy compact lightweight device and they are available here at

  1. Biolite Grille Stand for Cooking System - Silver,compress&cs=srgb&fit=fill&fill=solid


    Biolite Grille Stand for Cooking System - Silver

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