Concealment Clothing & Nets

Being out on Military operations, Airsoft games or following a hunting trail in the wilderness requires you to be as covert as possible so blending in with the landscape and foliage will help to keep anyone from discovering your position or unnerving the wildlife you’re trailing which is why having Concealment Clothing & Nets for extra camouflage is essential. The Concealment Gear here at covers areas of the body that standard kit doesn’t normally reach like the hands and face for complete camouflage thanks to a range of Concealment Gloves and Concealment Net Hats in natural looking camo patterns. As our Camouflage Clothing is made by brands like Jack Pyke you know they will be reliable and made with premium quality materials like neoprene means they will remain both durable and comfortable throughout wear and they are lightweight too adding very little to your gear.

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