Hard Cases & Travel Boxes

When your profession requires you to travel around a lot and potentially stay in less than favourable locations that require protection you can easily store your essential kit and belongings in the range of Hard Cases & Travel Boxes we stock here at Nightgear.co.uk. As leading Army Surplus retailers in the UK we understand that you need the toughest and most resilient gear available and for your kit that you don’t take onto the battlefield or out for extended periods hunting where safe form of storage is required which is what you’ll find with our tough storage cases and travel boxes from brands like SuperBox. Besides being strong enough to make sure your luggage and gear gets to and from places in one piece they also have a number of features like allowing you to securely lock them and transport them fairly easily giving you peace of mind. They are also ideal for storing your Police gear and kit for activities like Airsoft. You’ll also find our Hard Cases and Travel Boxes at affordable prices too with fast delivery options available as well.