Hennessy was established a number of years ago by Tom Hennessy when his trusty Second World War Army Surplus jungle Hammock needed replacing. In trying to replicate the durable and practical features of the Hammock he took advantage of the opportunity and created a number of product prototypes that would enhance the standard characteristics for a better performing and more comfortable product. The result was the collection of Hennessy Hammocks seen today that feature a diamond design with the fabric being attached to the suspending ropes for a greater interior surface area to rest in. A ridge line also enables support and retention of their curve as well when suspended. Due to the unique design of Hennessy Hammocks they feature a clamshell like appearance as the rainfly is able to close on entry creating an overlapping seal to help block out the elements. At Nightgear we have various Hennessy products that not only includes a number of hammock designs but also accessories they produce which includes cookware, insulation gear and handy stuff sack systems as well.

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