Hydration Bottles & Reservoirs

We all know water is essential irregardless of what we’re doing and if your profession takes you away from a reliable source because you’re often on the move like serving in the Armed Forces or emergency services like the Police, ideally you don’t want to carry around a lot of it or spend time searching for safe potable water so why not choose from our Hydration Bottles & Reservoirs here at Nightgear.co.uk. From simple refillable Water Bottles to ones like the Camelbak All Clear that can eliminate microbes from natural sources for shorter excursions ideal for hunting trips and Airsoft events plus they can easily fit into pouches on your gear. The Reservoirs and Hydration Packs are available in different volumes depending on the amount of time you will be away from a refillable source or how much your pack can carry plus accessories like filters and bite valves as and when you need to replace them.

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