Military Ear Defenders

Any tactical situation whether in training or live fire can result in hearing loss because of prolonged exposure to gunfire and explosions which is why you need Ear Protection that is the most exceptional available. Here at we know what it takes to make the best Military Accessories which is why we only stock truly exceptional Ear Defenders for you to buy. As we are one of the leading Army and Military Surplus retailers online in the UK we have the best range of Military Ear Defenders you can find from superior brands like Surefire. All are made with the current height of technological advancements in Ear Defence which allows for perfect undisturbed hearing, yet protects from the most dangerous sound levels and can be worn comfortably under a helmet. As an airsoft player, you should know that shooting exposes your ear to loud sounds, making it important to protect your hearing when playing airsoft. Just as it is crucial to protect your eyes, face and body when shooting, you also should protect your hearing. You only get one chance to preserve this sense and if you don't take measures to safeguard your hearing, you could suffer life-long consequences. Surefire ear defenders for airsoft protect your hearing without interfering with your ability to hear normal sounds and conversations. Sound levels deemed safe can pass through while harmful noise levels are reduced. Some Surefire ear defenders work with tactical radio communications to provide you with the ability to communicate while protecting your hearing at the same time. All of these products feature patented EarLock retention rings to provide you with a secure fit and all-day comfort.

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