Military Glowrings & Kit Markers

The last thing you want during low and no light tactical scenarios is to not be able to find essential kit at a critical moment so with this in mind here at; one of the leading Army and Military Surplus retailers online in the UK stock a range of Military Glow Rings specifically designed to illuminate your kit. We have leading brands Firefly and Nite who originally designed Glowrings to be used for the Armed Forces in situations like emergency lighting in submarines during the Cold War but are now used mainly as kit markers by military personnel and people on expeditions. They come on a range of colours so you can colour coordinate your gear with Red Glowrings, Blue Glowrings, White Glowrings and more. You can buy Military Glowrings and Tactical Glowrings here at at cheap discounted prices to keep your kit visible at night for less with fast delivery options too.