Military Torches & Headlights

Light is crucial whatever scenario you are facing whether you are in a tense military situation, in the emergency services like law enforcement or rescue and have to respond to a crisis with no or low light, or ensure a location is locked down and secure it is without question you need premium light sources to help you perform at your best. This is why we strive to be the nothing but the best Army Surplus retailer in the UK with the most reliable, resilient and quality Military, Tactical, Police and Security Torches available. To do this we have selected from premium brands that specialise in torches and torch accessories such as Petzl, Surefire, Fenix, Streamlight, 5.11 Tactical, Maglite and a few others so there is no doubt you’ll find the right Torch for whatever the situation requires. We even have a range of Headlamps and Head Torches so if you need continual hands-free illumination with multiple functions like brightness settings for wide or focused light and even red light for more covert situations all at the flick of a switch. Besides Flashlights and Torches we also stock plenty of Torch Accessories so if you are away from power or the use of a charger for extended periods there are heavy duty batteries, replacement bulbs and even conversion kits if you need a different type of bulb, plus spares carriers that you can attach to your gear and carry around with ease and lanyards and torch holsters to securely attach your torch units too as well. Here at we also carry safety lights so any hazards you come across or if you need to visibly mark your location for rescue or as a relay point will be easily seen from afar, so no matter how you need to see or be seen you’ll find it amongst our collection of Torches.

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