Water Purifiers and Water Filtration

If you spend a great deal of time in the outdoors as part of survival training or bushcraft it is no surprise that maintaining hydration is crucial but in unfamiliar territory it can be difficult locating a potable water source so we have brought together premium Water Purifiers and Water Filtration equipment to help you drink safely wherever you are. Not only do we carry compact units like water bottle purifiers but also armoured purification bags which offer decent size capacity reservoirs that can be fitted into any rucksack or Bergen for hands free drinking so you can focus on your surroundings while foraging or building a shelter. Due to filters not lasting forever with having to remove things like chemicals, microbes and parasites we also stock a range of Water Filtration replacements ready for when the time comes making it easy to keep drinking safely. Stay hydrated with our Water Purifiers and Water Filtration systems available here at Nightgear from great brands like Pure Hydration and Water To Go.

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