5.11 Tactical

5.11 Tactical Rain Trousers Hose


CHF20.40 CHF79.69
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  • X S / 23.5-27 Zoll ZZ CHF20.40


  • S / 27.5-31Zoll ZZ CHF20.40


  • M / 31.5-35 Zoll ZZ CHF20.40


  • L / 35.5-39 Zoll ZZ CHF20.40


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Größe (Unisex) Taille (Zoll) Schrittlänge (Zoll)
X S 23.5-27 Zoll 32.5 Zoll
S 27.5-31Zoll 32.5 Zoll
M 31.5-35 Zoll 32.5 Zoll
L 35.5-39 Zoll 32.5 Zoll
X L 39.5-43 Zoll 32.5 Zoll
XX L 43.5-47 Zoll 32.5 Zoll
XXX L 47.5-51 Zoll 32.5 Zoll
XXXX L 51.5-55 Zoll 32.5 Zoll


30 December 2015

I've worn these for hours hiking in the wind and rain, and more importantly on S&R exercises. They've performed really well and I have no doubt about their waterproof properties - as good as Gore-Tex IMO. They also seem hard wearing so should last a long time. The only quibbles I have are with the adjustable ankles which you cannot tighten enough to stop flapping about (irrelevant if you wear gaiters). They are also lined, so perfect for autumn/winter, but I can see these being unbearably hot in the spring/summer months, unless you wear nothing underneath!

10 December 2015

Great pair of waterproofs - they can even handle South Wales. Sturdier than most, you could wear these as a pair of trousers in their own right (and be a true commando)! The only thing I'd point out is that they are a bit snug. I'm normally a 34 inch waist, so went for the large. It doesn't really say if the sizing allows for the fact that you'll probably be wearing them over another pair of trousers. They fit ok, but I'm wondering if I should have gone for the size larger. I can do them up, but they have a popper button which tends to pop open when you sit down. There's a Velcro backup so they don't come open. There's also a drawstring as well as an elasticated waist, so if you went larger you'd probably be ok.