Maglite Torches

It's no question that Maglite is a household name known the world over for their exceptional flashlights, undoubtedly the pinnacle of portable lighting. Starting from humble beginnings with founder Anthony Maglica manufacturing precision parts for the military, aerospace and industrial businesses he soon gained a reputation for making exceptional products. The introduction of the first Maglite Torch was a revolution and soon a range of Maglite Flashlights gained popularity and reputation for their incredible performance, robustness and being lightweight amongst emergency services and industrial workers and quickly became one of the bestselling torches available. Today Maglite Torches are available as standard incandescent Maglite Flashlights as well as Maglite LED Torches in every size from heavyweight industrial torches to handy pocket-sized ones. You can buy the iconic Maglite Torches here at Nightgear.co.uk today.