Paramo Clothing

Paramo Clothing was established by company founder Nick Brown as part of his aim to keep social developments and protection of the environment at the forefront while producing high quality waterproof clothing like no one else. Their extensive design and testing process has resulted in a range of Paramo waterproof gear that is built to perform, last for a long time and be simple to repair. Using Nikwax Analogy fabric, Paramo clothing is fully waterproof, highly breathable and won’t break down over time, even when punctured each Paramo garment will still perform, they simply need to be maintained with Nikwax aftercare products. In addition to having created an extensive selection of waterproof gear that encompasses Paramo jackets, pants, base layers, headwear and more for every type of outdoor activity imaginable; the brand also actively takes part in multiple ethical schemes from helping vulnerable people, to recycling, removing the need to use PFC treatments and supporting conservation efforts through their environmental approach. Experience the comfort and high performance with Paramo clothing here at