Where natural flexibility and movement is key, MacWet are the leading brand for gloves that protect against all climates without the bulk and restrictive tendencies of classic gloves. Established in 1999 as a water-skiing glove for the UK market, MacWet have quickly expanded to become the top-rated glove for shooting, fishing, golfing, and more. Whether looking for a pair of gloves for the Armed Forces, sports or casual wear, MacWet gloves incorporate All Grip, No Slip for a professional grip in any weather condition. Aside from the innovative grip system, MacWet gloves feature their Aquatec fabric that wicks away moisture and sweat without reducing breathability, whilst providing windproof protection at the same time. As a second-skin fit, these gloves pack in maximum sensitivity no matter what the weather, as well as incorporating Micromesh, Climatec and Tactical gloves into their range here on Nightgear.