Twenty years ago the founders of LifeVenture decided to focus on making outdoor clothing and equipment that catered to travellers needs better than the oversized and bulky options available at the time. Initially designing products like LifeVenture Compact Towels, LifeVenture Security Wallets and Life Venture Sleeping Bags they went out to design and produce a wide range of outdoor products like their LifeVenture Luggage and cookware. In the years since LifeVenture have gone on to continually evolve their products by advancing chemical treatments and materials to ensure their products can endure for longer while being ever lighter. They employ a varied range of sports people, adventurers, travel writers and explorers to work in tandem with the Lifeventure Development Team to test their products to the limit for a constant evolution which results in more superior products. You can find the innovative Life Venture products online here at for less.

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