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PPSS KR1 HOSDB Covert Stab Vest




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Whether you’re a prison officer, part of the riot control unit or private security detail the PPSS KR1 HOSDB Covert Stab Vest has you covered. This premium vest provides needle and blunt trauma protection and can easily be concealed for situations where you need to deal with high risk, violent individuals. Backed by research the KR1 HOSDB Covert Stab Vest provides protection for the situations that you are most likely to be confronted with, an impact based assault. Whatever sector you work in from military to private security this lightweight stab vest shields your spine, ribs and all of your vital organs whilst being comfortable to wear. It can be put on or taken off within seconds and fits to your body shape. PPSS describe the KR1 HOSDB Covert Stab Vest as having an indefinite lifespan, so it’s ready to do the job whenever you are.

Product details

Material Inside5mm thin polycarbonate sheets, moulded to the upper body shape<br>Incorporates impact protective foam comfort layer
Material CoverHigh quality covert cover made out of Cordura® – features a high-tech spacer fabric providing the highest level of comfort when worn in hot and humid environments
Stab ProtectionTested and certified to HOSDB Knife Resistance Standard KR1
Blunt Trauma ProtectionExcellent level of protection from a kick, punch or blow – or blunt objects such as piece of iron, chair, table, bricks, etc.
Needle ProtectionExcellent level of protection from narrower blades & hypodermic needles<br>
Tested Energy Level 124 Joules - 7mm Maximum Penetration
Tested Energy Level 236 Joules - 20mm Maximum Penetration
SizesXS - 4XL
Weight2.3KG (Size L)
Clothing Care<br>Protective fillers easily removed so the outer cover can be machine washable
ColourBlack or white
Place of ManufactureUK
Replacement Cover700101

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