Surefire Military Torches

Surefire torches are the finest in the world compact, rugged, powerful, reliable, efficient. Engineered for maximum performance and precision manufactured, they produce optimal beams. A Surefire torch produces brilliant light with no rings, hot spots, or shadows. Thats why people whose lives may depend on having enough light when they need it, such as military, emergency, and police personnel and outdoors professionals, rely on Surefire.

SureFire produces Surefire flashlights and Surefire Torches of widely varying sizes and power outputs. These range from the tiny Surefire Titan to the hand-held M6 Guardian.

Surefire Military Torches are manufactured to be the toughest and most rugged available on the military market, and the highest quality for those whose lives depend on it. Surefire is a brand that prides itself on providing flash lights with perfect clarity, no hot spots or rings and a range of products for every need. From small handheld Surefire flashlights, Head torch Surefire LED torches and military Surefire Tactical torches, there's a Surefire torch for everyone.

Nightgear is the UK's premier stockist of Surefire and if you are looking for a Surefire torch, Surefire Flashlight or any Surefire Bulbs, Surefire Weapon Lights/Gun Lights, or Surefire Accesories then you will find it here.

The most popular Surefire Torches are the new Surefire 6P Torch, the Surefire 6PLED Torch, the Surefire E1B Backup Torch and the budget model Surefire G2 Nitrolon Torch. The Surefire G2 Nitrolon Torch offers exceptional performance at a low price and now comes in a LED version.The Surefire E2DL Torch (LED version) and the Surefire E2D Torch. The E2D and E2DL are also know as the Surefire e2DL Defender Torches.

We not only stock the torches but also all replacement parts. Surefire recommends using Surefire Batteries for optimal performance. The Surefire lithium CR123A batteries that allow for compact size and low weight while offering high power output. Some of the flashlights are also available with rechargeable battery packs.

You wouldn't head out onto the assault course in a pair of jeans and flip flop sandals, so why head out into the dark with a bargain garage torch. Some of the most extreme conditions and challenging jobs require specialist equipment, with everything included down to the socks you wear. At we live and breathe these conditions and so everything online is designed and manufactured to withstand the toughest of situations.

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