Nightgear Employs Automation To Provide A Faster Service

January 16, 2019

As part of our war on plastic pollution, climate change and our ongoing efforts to provide a faster and more efficient service to our loyal customers we are proud to announce that we are now using ground breaking automation technology. Nightgear, as part of Internet Fusion Group now benefits from this latest addition to our state of the art sustainable warehouse.

CVP-500 - Internet Fusion 3

Say hello to the latest weapon in our arsenal; the Neopost CVP500. We loved this innovative automation technology so much that shortly after the installation of the first automated packaging machine in August of 2018 we installed another. Each of these techy beasts allows us to reduce our cardboard waste, speed up the packing process so that we can process orders more quickly and even offers us the opportunity to remove all plastic packing from our products so that our customers can receive an entirely plastic free package. In addition to this they have allowed us to eliminate 90 lorry loads per year thanks to the more precisely sized packaging which has also allowed us to reduce our CO2 impact.

CVP-500 - Wrapping box

The CVP500 machines pack our orders in recycled cardboard and eliminate the need for void fillers such as bubble wrap by scanning the order and cutting a box to the exact size; even further reducing cardboard waste and the need for plastic meaning that our own packaging is now 91% plastic free.

CVP-500 - Internet Fusion 2

These innovative automated packaging machines can pack up to 450 parcels per hour with a combined output of up to 900. That means that in an 8 hour work day these two machines alone could pack up to 6,400 parcels.

Watch the video below to learn more about our sustainable packaging from our Head of Sustainability, Adam Hall.

Next on our hit list is renewable energy, so stay tuned to hear about our upcoming solar panel project.