Target Acquired: Introducing Tasmanian Tiger

September 12, 2018

Nightgear have recently acquired a new brand for the roster; Tasmanian Tiger. With a range of durable and sturdy backpacks, wallets, belts, chest rigs and other accessories, Tasmanian Tiger put functionality and quality at the forefront of their products.

The brand was named after the largest carnivorous marsupial on the Australian continent, for the will to survive, perfect camouflage, strength, perseverance, cleverness and hunting instinct found in the animal. All of these attributes make up the brand’s products and values.

From prototype to production, all of their products are manufactured in their own facilities, ensuring a constantly high level of quality is maintained. Every step in the process is closely monitored and defined by proud employees as well as independent test centres; from purchasing materials to mass manufacturing. Before it leaves production, your bag or accessory is checked and only perfect products are sent out.

TT Passport Safe RFID B Document Holder


This document holder features the best RFID scan protection available, with the TUV certified blocking material CRYPTALLOY. This innovative material shields against all frequencies, meaning it can be used for all cards. This features a number of slots including one large enough for your passport, and others in the perfect size for credit, debit and ID cards.

TT Essential Pack MK II


Tasmanian Tiger’s Essential Pack comes in 9 and 15 litre versions, and is available in black, coyote brown, khaki, carbon grey and olive. The smaller pack size and variety of colours make these packs suitable for almost any shorter mission due to the extra details packed into the design. The universal MOLLE system allows Tasmanian Tiger and other brand attachments to provide extra storage or capacity, and it is also hydration system compatible. With a hand loop and comfortable padded shoulder straps, this slim line pack is easy to carry, and the height adjustable chest belt furthers comfort and stability. This backpack is completed with two compression straps around the perimeter of the pack.

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