We’re On The Frontline Of Sustainable Business

April 20, 2018

Here at Nightgear we are a community of Bushcraft and airsoft enthusiasts, military and law enforcement current and ex personnel, hunters, survivalists, scout leaders and everything in between. Because of the nature of our shared interests most often you’ll find us sharing light hearted jokes, news about jaw-dropping new kit and other bits of banter that you can expect of a community made up mostly of people who need to be able to switch off after they clock off.

Today we’re touching on a different topic, something that we probably haven’t before. Today we’re excited to share with you our #PoweredGreen mission for 2018 and as part of that our brand spanking new warehouse.

On the frontline of sustainable businesses our arsenal includes our new warehouse which has earned a BREEAM rating of very good and an EPC rating of A. Even before construction began 124 acres of Peruvian rainforest was safeguarded to offset the carbon emissions from construction, but it doesn’t stop there.


It boasts a high efficiency heat recovery system, Solar PV and Thermal that generates electricity and heat From the sun, a grey water system that uses rainwater and high efficiency LED lighting with sensor controls to improve energy efficiency.


We have also provided full facilities for our staff to encourage them to travel to work responsibly and areas that encourage local ecology to further reduce our environmental impact. Finally we have signed up to a 100% renewable energy contract, a 100% bio and frack free gas tariff and made a zero to landfill promise.


Our Mission

For 2018 we have decided that we want to be one of the businesses taking action. It’s easy to say we’ll improve this before 2020, or we plan to be 100% this by 2030 but there are things that we can do now so why should we wait? As the Royal Military Police motto goes “Exemplo ducemus”, which means by example, shall we lead. No step forward is too small.


So this year we’re still the same Nightgear; we’ve still got plenty of great jokes and gear to share with you. But behind it all we’re making efforts to run our business in a more conscious and responsible way, and this new warehouse is just the beginning.