Fenix Torches

If you're looking for a tactical flashlight that offers better performance, durability and longevity than your standard torch then a Fenix Torch is exactly what you need. Fenix Lighting use only the highest quality materials like aircraft grade aluminium, specialist alloys and high-performance plastics to ensure each Fenix Flashlight and Headlamp can stand up to continued use in potentially dangerous situations but remain lightweight so you're not bogged down with heavier equipment. Each type of Fenix Torch is designed to have multiple output levels so you can go as low as 20 lumens for map reading or repairs, or mid-level illumination for exploration and more at the simple flick of a switch. They even have tactical tail cap switches for when you need your gloves on and only use the pinnacle of LED technology for the brightest and longest lasting bulbs you can buy. Check out the incredible collection of Fenix Military Torches right here at Nightgear.co.uk today.

  1. Fenix TK32 Multi Coloured LED 2016 Torch - Black


    Fenix TK32 Multi Coloured LED 2016 Torch - Black

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