HWI Protection

Protection for your hands is crucial in any line of work, but especially so if you're facing tactical and combat situations or climate extremes so it stands to reason you need the best you can get, so at Nightgear.co.uk we have the incredible range of Gloves from HWI. For the past twenty five plus years HWI Gear has been designing and manufacturing their HWI Gloves and HWI Combat Gloves using the most resilient and protective materials and technologies like Kevlar panels positioned on the back of the hands and forearms on certain models, with abrasion resistance on the palms and high-density foam protection around the knuckles. HWI also work closely with professionals and their customers to continually meet their needs in the toughest scenarios. HWI Gloves are ideal for any Military Forces, Emergency Services and Law Enforcement and are available here for affordable prices.

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    HWI Touchscreen Gloves - Black

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