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Karrimor SF Bags & Rucksacks

Karrimor SF Bags & Rucksacks

Back in 1946 in Lancashire, Charles and Mary Parson and Grace Davies set about designing and manufacturing a range of cycle bags and climbing rucksacks. But what set these products apart from others on the market at the time was their close association with professionals in the field. Designed alongside climbers of the day Jimmy Rostron and Dave Thomas, the brand soon grew and dominated the market. But it wasn't until 1995 that Karrimor SF burst onto the scene as a totally separate brand. Developing and innovating current technologies used in the civilian brand Karrimor Special Forces aimed to produce dedicated backpacks for Special Forces and Law Enforcement units. Again, the SF division of Karrimor went about things differently as they worked with and listened to the end user to ensure that the kit they were manufacturing met the requirements of the elite. Fit for purpose and equipped to handle the challenges of a war zone, Karrimor SF Bags, Karrimor SF Rucksacks and Backpacks are available at Nightgear.co.uk at the best prices with fast delivery and excellent customer service.

Karrimor SF Backpacks range is now available at Nightgear. No matter whether you are in the middle of a war zone, training or traversing tough terrain you want an exceptional and durable gear that will carry your gear securely. Karrimor SF has developed a range of Karrimor SF Backpacks and SF Bags perfect for the job, all here at Nightgear.co.uk.

After having spent many decades perfecting Karrimor Rucksacks, Karrimor Bags and Army Backpacks for the civilian market, giving climbers and cyclists premium gear for their travels; Karrimor Special Forces was born utilising their expertise for durable bags. Karrimor SF Backpacks are designed for optimum resilience and function allowing you to carry your military gear with the knowledge that it is safe and protected. They also come in a range of camouflage colours such as Olive Drab, Desert and Black so you are covered no matter where you are.

Buying your Karrimor SF Rucksacks at Nightgear.co.uk means you are getting the genuine Karrimor SF Military gear for the cheapest prices online in the UK. Review the current Karrimor SF for less today.